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Domestic Authority - "Z Company" warning


Dear all,

On behalf of the Domestic Authority, I would like to issue this brief warning to all social media users located on Facebook.

The Domestic Authority Intelligence Division has been informed that over the past 6 months, a dozen PRO-Israeli, PRO Christian and PRO Semitic pages and groups have been hacked and vandalized with pro Palestinian messages and have been branded as extremist Cyber Jihadists.

The group themselves do not consider themselves radical in any shape way or form, what they wish to achieve is to re align the sentiment the world has towards the Palestinians and eliminate racism on the internet towards the "oppressed Arabs in the region".

Although the Domestic Authority the true intentions this group may have in trying to end racism online, this is still an illegal act in which you are removing original administrators of the right to govern their own groups and pages formed and you are breaking Facebook regulations by illegally hacking your way through rather then engaging in diplomatic talks to resolve the issue.

* The Warning to all members of Facebook: If by any chance you belong to pages which promote the ideologies written above, we recommend you advise your administrators of the following warning and be aware that if an attack is committed, your profile identifies are at risk.

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If you have any questions please dont hesitate to leave comments below!

Covert Jack

Director of D.A Diplomatic Activity

World Forum