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dont hurt the one you love .


On the topic of love , if you are single, there are so many people out there . we are simply spoilt for choice where it comes to finding love. When you are entering into a relationship , and are not sure if it is a suitable situation, simply do your best to make the relationship work. If you find that doing and being your best takes too much effort and is not satisfying , and your partner's best is not enough for you or (s)he is not doing his/her best , then consider whether less than your best is enough for you and him/her to be happy in the relationship. it the answer is no, then move on. and dont look back.

The following is a response i posted in another forum .A response to a lady who says that people cant help fighting and hurting each other when in love . I responded that to fall in love , or to think that you are in love, this is also idealistic thinking. So why cant we have an idealistic approach to our partner when we are in that "being in love state of mind". The fact is we can have control over what we say and do when we apply ourselves. We would not say the wicked and hurtful things we say to our partner when we want to hurt him/her or when we are hurt, we would not say them to our boss. so why say them at all. it is all about being responsive , as opposed to being reactive . relationships get ruined and destroyed because we think we can let it all hang out in a relationship . but we really should not use love as a passport for saying and doing things in the name of love , which actually reflect immaturity or lack of personal self control

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