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El-Sherbini killer to stand trial


German national Alex W. is standing trial for stabbing a Muslim woman to death in a courtroom, where she was suing him for insulting her Islamic hijab.

Alex W. is to stand trial on Monday for stabbing Marwa El-Sherbini 18 times in front of an entire courthouse in Dresden, Germany, and is also charged with attempting to murder Elwi Ali Okaz, Marwa's husband.

Okaz was also shot and injured by a German police officer, while trying to help his fatally wounded pregnant wife.

"The veiled martyr's" husband said that he would also press charged against the police officer, who claimed to have "accidentally" shot him instead of the defendant — who was stabbing his wife.

The German media initially reported on the case at 'the back page', and only after thousands of protesters around the world condemned "the media silence in Germany over the killing."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blamed the Berlin government for El-Sherbini's murder, calling for international condemnation of Germany.

"This heartfelt incident of El-Sherbini's martyrdom is a clear evidence of corruption in German judiciary system and a disgrace to the United Nations," Ahmadinejad said back in September.


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