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Embracing the New

Being open to accept new things, ideas, and people into your life creates an ever-expanding capacity for joy. There is a mass thoughtform that the future might be worse than the present. This creates the need to hang on to what you have, freeze things as they are, and keep them from changing. It leads to much pain.

Embracing the new means being open to having more in your life. Many of you think that what you have created up until now is the best you can do. You make something and think that the first try is your best. As you create things in your life, you become better and more skilled. That is the process of life. A child who first begins walking is wobbly and unsteady. As the child practices she becomes strong and steady in her stride. It is the same with everything you do, for life is like a spiral in which you circle around again and again, often to the same issues, but each time from a higher perspective.

Opening to new things means trusting and having faith in yourself and others. It means believing that the future holds joy and promise. It means believing in your growth and direction. The heart is the center of faith, trust, and belief. Opening to the new means opening your heart. Be willing to step outside of your normal limits and viewpoints and see the world in different ways. Trust that the world is safe and know that you are the director and the producer of what occurs in your life.

An attitude of openness and receptivity will draw to you many good things. Let go of the fear that the future may mean having less than you have now or may take something away from you. Open up to the idea that you will be wiser, stronger, and more powerful tomorrow and that whatever you create will be even better than what you already have. Be open to new concepts and thoughts, for these are often the way the universe brings you the signs and guideposts of your next step.

Opening to the new is a way of youthening your body, of expanding your childlike sense of wonder and awe. As they grow older many people constrict their boundaries; they begin to seek what is comfortable, familiar, and safe. Their world becomes narrow and limited. Life becomes a matter of focusing on the petty rather than focusing on the great. You have seen those people whose concerns are so minor you do not take them seriously. They have ceased to expand into the greater picture of their lives. Every morning when you wake up you are literally being born anew and afresh. Every day there are new things on your mind, people to meet, things to do. As you wake up and start your day, you need not think of the past and remember mistakes; instead focus upon the future and what you will create.

As you embrace the new, remember, things are always going to get better; nothing is taken away unless something better is coming. Every down cycle is followed by a great leap forward. It is easy to embrace the new. Play like a child. You have seen how young children embrace everything as a new experience. It can be easy to open up and embrace the new if you picture it as easy. Keep a picture in your mind that the future is positive and that it will be better than anything you have ever known. As you grow and evolve, what you create will be even more joyous than what you have now.

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