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European Union referendum....UK

“LONDON (AFP) — The British government fended off calls for a referendum on the European Union's controversial new treaty Wednesday, winning a crunch vote on the issue in parliament.

After a heated six-hour debate in the House of Commons, lawmakers voted by Protected content to Protected content reject proposals from the main opposition Conservative Party for a public vote on the Lisbon Treaty, signed by EU leaders in December.”

I see the UK government is not taking any chances by letting those pesky voters get in the way. France and Holland really goofed by putting the issue to the populace.

The question I have for European InterNations friends here is not where you stand on a more unified EU or a constitution, but whether or not the electorate should have a say in the matter through a vote.

(Personally I think maybe the important matters should be decided by our superiors only, for in the US if we allowed referenda on big issues we’d certainly suffer the scourge of medicinal marijuana for example and our productive and selfless nation building efforts in the Middle East would end tomorrow. You can’t trust the proles.)

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