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Executive Orders and Why the Right is so Terrified


Right wing leaning media, news networks and talk radio are all candles burning at both ends, alight with spectacular claims that President Obama is ignoring the Constitution and Congress by excessive use of the Presidential power and privilege of issuing executive orders.

A quick look at the facts…the number of executive orders issued by any President since George Washington, conveys the stark truth:

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Most startling among those facts is the truthful reality that President Obama has issued considerably fewer executive orders than the vast number of all Presidents since the turn of the 20th century, or in other words, for the last one hundred and fourteen years.

The reason the right is so terrified is that they are fully aware that the chances of another Democrat being elected President in Protected content extremely high, and baring anything terribly dramatic, that most likely will be Hillary Clinton. While she, as President also will have the power to reverse a prior issued executive order, reversing an order made by President Obama would be unlikely, and she will also hold veto power over a Congress that seeks to repeal a prior issued executive order.

The Supreme Court also has the power to repeal such a prior order, but given the current make up and political persuasions of the current Supreme Court, this is also highly unlikely at any time in upcoming years.

Faced with a “do nothing” Congress, particularly in the House, President Obama has squarely faced off and has made it clear that he “has a pen.” The House has left him with no other choice. He will not abdicate his Presidency and the Constitutionally granted power of that office, nor will he abandon his dreams for America. He will never again allow a minority faction of the House, the so-called Tea Party, to ever again cause the government to even partially shut down.

There is no question that the right is running scared as hell, terrified of the prospects that Obama’s dreams for America may in fact be realized, and if not by him, then by Hillary Clinton. This is obvious to anyone taking an even cursory glance at what is currently going on with the right wing media.

Their backs against the walls, their options running out, this election season Protected content Congress, governors, and mayors, etc. has all the makings of what will most certainly be a blood bath of political maneuvering by right wing candidates and the right wing media that serves as their voice. Quite literally, they have nothing to loose, so one can expect all gloves on the ground, and no holds barred.

Unfortunately, what this will also mean is an even greater abdication of those elements essential to honest, unbiased and factual reporting as a journalist. One can expect greater lies, distortions and fear mongering from right wing media than we have ever seen or witnessed in the past. One can easily be assured that the ring wing media will be far more subversive than at any time in the past.

Stay tuned, because this is going to be a VERY interesting Summer in American politics and likely we will also see a total demise of whatever integrity is left in American journalism.

Citizens of other countries would be wrong to think that all of this internal fighting in the US is inconsequential to them. It is just the opposite, as while so much wasted energy is being spend on this internal conflict, precious little energy is being spent on those highly important global issues such as education, economic expansion, human rights, and the ecology of our planet.

Ed. Spelling

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