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Mainstream thought is at odds with itself over:

On one hand the main theoreticians (below) argue that:


on the other, LIFE ITSELF demands EXISTENCE (period !).

Syntagms like "real-love", "true-feelings", "actual-identity" are
all pleonasms denoting the:
due to the two above.

People cannot reconcile their ALIVE feelings with the theory that
is being imposed upon them.

Cries of desperation "just want to LIVE", "want SUN", "want to
LAUGH" are heard from the souls crushed under the heel.

What do YOU think ?

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W. Heisenberg

"If actually all our knowledge is derived from PERCEPTION, there is
no meaning in the statement that the things really exist; because
if the perception is given, it cannot possibly make any difference
whether the things exist or do not exist.


Werner Heisenberg (father of Quantum Mechanics Protected content and
Philosophy, the Revolution of Modern Science, New York, Harper &
Row Protected content , p. 84

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G. Berkeley

"Esse est percipi - Existence is perception."

Fogelin - Robert Berkeley and the Principles of Human Knowledge.
Routledge Protected content , p. 27.

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David Hume

"But say you, surely there is nothing easier than to imagine trees,
for instance, in a park, or books existing in a closet, and nobody
by to perceive them. I answer, you may so, there is no difficulty
in it: but what is all this, I beseech you, more than framing in
your mind certain ideas which you call books and trees, and the
same time omitting to frame the idea of any one that may perceive
them ? But do not you yourself perceive or think of them all the
while ? This therefore is nothing to the purpose: it only shows
you have the power of imagining or forming ideas in your mind; but
it does not shew that you can conceive it possible, the objects of
your thought may exist without the mind: to make out this, it is
necessary that you conceive them existing unconceived or unthought
of, which is a manifest repugnancy.

When we do our utmost to conceive the existence of external bodies
we are all the while only contemplating our own ideas. But the
mind taking no notice of itself, is deluded to think it can and
doth conceive bodies existing unthought of or without the mind;
though at the same time they are apprehended by or exist in itself

G. Berkeley - The Principles of Human Knowledge, Part I, Sect. 23,
p. 76.

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"All that quantum mechanics purports to provide are probability connections between subsequent impressions (also called "apperceptions") of the consciousness, and even though the dividing line between the observer, whose consciousness is being affected, and the observed physical object can be shifted towards the one or the other to a considerable degree, it cannot be eliminated. It may be premature to believe that the present philosophy of quantum mechanics will remain a permanent feature of future physical theories; it will remain remarkable, in whatever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the conclusion that THE CONTENT OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS IS AN ULTIMATE REALITY."
Eugene P. Wigner - "Remarks on the Mind-Body Question," in Symmetries and Reflections, p. Protected content Univ. Press, Bloomington & London Protected content .

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"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, WE OURSELVES ARE A PART OF THE MYSTERY THAT WE ARE TRYING TO SOLVE."
Max Planck - "Epilogue: A Socratic Dialogue" in "Where is Science Going ?" Protected content

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