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Hi Forum,
hope you're well! :-) I've recently, well, a year ago actually, moved to the US and am starting my own business as life and expat coach. I was wondering if any of you have ever used a coach for private or executive matters, and if you think the tool of coaching would be a helpful source of support when it comes to transitioning internationally.
And when I say coaching through international transition, I'm thinking of helping families figure out if and how to make the move work best for everyone, prepare for it (time-stamping each step of packing, visas, medical check-ups, etc), talk through possible separation anxieties, and make plans for staying in touch with friends and family. Once the expats have arrived, I see coaching possibilities for both partners in the job and at home, addressing intercultural issues (e.g. entering into already established teams, or managing teams with different communication preferences), adapting to new environments, finding a new career, and dealing with possibly new self-image (e.g. always used to work but have no permit in new country). Last but not least there's the repatriation phase, where some expats might want to look at what it means to move back, change lifestyles, and sometimes deal with having outgrown their past.
If your companies were offering this service, would you take them up on it?
If you knew of this service but your company isn't offering it, would you suggest to include it in their relocation package?
If you think this service would be a valid help for you but your company won't pay the bill, are you willing to invest in it?
Thank you for your comments, I'm grateful for all your participation!
All the best,
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