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Expat without a degree

Hi Guys,

Please don't read in to this more than you should, I'm actually quite happy in my job!....but...

It seems that in the future, should I wish to move around, I'm going to find it very difficult as I don't have a degree. I actually don't want to study for three to four years in my spare time either so, that's not an option.

I do wonder though if any of the professional qualifications I'm aiming for would work in place of this with regards to the Middle East. I'm on my way to my PMI-PMP (exam due very soon) and I'm about to start the process for the BCS-CITP. I also have some 10 years in my particular specialisation with a total of 25 years in IT.

Anyone know if these will be suitable visa "equalisers" for a degree in the ME?


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