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Laws, Rules, and Traditions were made by Men and can be changed or abolish by Men!

Some practices are not only wrong but misleading to create "Mental, and emotional conditions" ... that directly or indirectly affects us all!

Here are a list of countries that still are practicing under ignorance, not found in no part of the Quorum, nor in any Holly Book.

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Circumcision is not only perform to boys, also to Girls. However, you may want to have a clear understanding of the many issues that it involves and how parents can protect their child.

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For those who believe that there is a GOD, the image of GOD is that he is a male, and he is perfect. He created all things, and sent messages to his Prophets through Angels. The forefathers created the traditions as a form to avoid many of the issues that society encounters today. But you have to questions many traditions!

Your status after the circumcision changes...You are now a woman, what does it mean to be a woman? Does anyone needs approval to be a woman or is it a process of the original divine purpose of GOD...

I think that men are the ones have to put a stop to this because they are the ones in these countries who have the voice. Mothers can also help by explaining to their sons how painful it was to them, and what they have seen happened.

These cultures want to avoid for their girls to become PROSTITUTES... However, the virginity of a woman, is best major when she has her genital parts . Now, i ask
what is best for a man, to be the first man, have her virginity, or to have her love?

Selfish interest are what seem to impact this cultures not necessarily Godly or traditional stands.

Europe, USA, UK, etc. should have social service put into place to ensure that people from those countries don't follow these traditions in their country but abide by the law. And those practicing these traditions should be put into prison!

Do you have an experience that you will like to share? I find this practice horrifying!

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