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Finding God

This isn’t a religious thread, although certainly the work being carried out would ask some serious questions of a lot of the universe including religion.

What I am referring to is CERN and the LHC particle accelerator that is currently attempting to re-create the big bang so that we might discover how matter has mass. The current theory is that the Higgs Boson (or the god particle as it is also known) is the elusive link between matter and mass and how our universe and everything in it is held together.

To produce these tests there is a huge underground particle accelerator on the border of Switzerland and France that is over 27km long and chilled to somewhere in the region of Protected content while particles are fired in to each other to produce a miniature version of the big bang which when observed in space is known to devour all surrounding mass and swallow entire galaxies. The sheer scale of the project is immense with costs of over £3b and successful tests were conducted at the beginning of this week although it could be some time (if at all) before the mysterious god particle is found and nobody is entirely sure what will happen when it does, suggested as a “minor blip” but also quoted as there being a very very small chance it could be devastating with parallels to the atom bomb.

There is no real question from this thread but I was just interested to hear the opinions from everyone on this as I find it fascinating and have been following it for a few years now. Is the potential risk to earth negligible or even measureable; is it purely a case of scare mongering? How will results from this study impact the world?

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