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Fire meditation event in Bali


We @Samyama Healing Centre®, bring for the First Time ever a Divinely designed #SPIRITUAL #RETREAT

where one can experience - wholesome revitalization at Body Mind & Soul level, complete harmony with the nature in the lap of verdant meadows, full serenity and enchanting oneness with the Ultimate Divinity.
Under the Divine Guidance & Presence of #Yogi #Madhukar ji

Date: 21st – 24th June Protected content


• 4 Days & 3 Nights Full Rejuvenation

• Powerful Siddha Fire Meditation

• Invigorating & Life Transforming Spiritual Experiences

• Satsang with Yogi ji where all your spiritual quests will be answered

• Group Healing & Group Meditation with powerful & magnificent Siddha Energies that will transform each Soul to the next level

• Advanced Self-Healing & Psychic Self Defense techniques

• 15 Days Pre Retreat Healing & 15 Days Post Retreat Distant Healing sessions to all the participants to prepare them at Body, Mind & Soul level for the powerful initiation

At the mesmerizing #SATSANG Yogi Ji will share profound experiences, from his thousands of years of spiritual journey across his several births and will share his deep insight on

#SoulCreation, #SoulJourney, #Karma, #SoulPlanning, #PastLives, #Reincarnation, #SpiritualSadhana, #SpiritualEnergies, #KundaliniAwakening, #SelfRealization, #Enlightenment, #Mukthi & #BEYOND,

which would take each seeker's spiritual quest & growth to the next level.

And much more ...

Unique, Rare & Limited Opportunity.

( per person, all inclusive )
|Inclusive of Full Accommodation in a 4 Star Eco Resort | Meals Full Board | Airport Transfers | Excursions | Full Retreat Activities |

USD Protected content Bird until May 15th Protected content
USD Protected content close June 6th Protected content

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With Divine Light & Love

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