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First timer - Where to start to be an expat ?

Hello, I won't bore you with the details - unless asked to, but i'm finally thinking of being ready to move to another country. I am actually from Kapuskasing Ontario (would only let me choose Ottawa) which is located 9 hours from Ottawa. I frequently visit as my sister lives in Gatineau and works for the Ontario goverment.

I had a few questions I feel are answered vaguely through online research. My goal is to go to Argentina in the Buenos Aires region. My first language is French, though I am fluent in English. Myself and my partner are currently learning Spanish (very early stages).

My partner is a nurse, and, myself unfortunatley have no college diploma. I although work as a heavy equipment Operator, Union Rep & Health safety. I do some HR work aswell.

When moving, how did you figure out your finances when you get there? At home at the moment I have a house, cars, ATV's etc which does complicate the move - Although I do not plan to move for another few years.

Lastly - How do you contact people from, in my case, Argentina to find housing, jobs (if possible) before getting there?

I'm sorry this is long drawn out. I'm anxious because i'm finally making the move to becoming an expat and I want it to go as well as possible.

Thank you for your time,

Daren D.

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