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Fish Pedicure- First time in Kenya

Some of us conscuiosly or unconscuiosly struggle with issues of dry feet, roughness and challenges in even finding energy to do a simple home-based monthly pedicure / manicure.
The Natutal Fish Pedicure is a completely natural method of foot therapy that you cannot miss. It helps achieve a healthy and rejuvenated skin leaving your skin as soft as flower petals. It promotes relaxation and gives the feeling of well-being, helps reduce stress levels and stimulates and increases the body's blood circulation
The fish pedicure is performed by tiny Garra Rufa fish or doctor fish species of freshwater fish which have learnt to feed themselves of dead skin as they swim in tanks that are sterilized 24/7 to ensure the hygiene of the fish spa by gently nibbling on your feet hands using their cup suction mouths. Garra Rufa fish have no teeth therefore don’t bite, don’t attack living issue ,no risk of spreading skin. The treatment is completely painless. Customers feel a pleasant tingling sensation and relaxation.
The fish treatment was first discovered in the river basins of the Northern and Central Middle East, mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

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It is now available and Approved in Kenya by NEMA, Public Health, NCC & State Ministry of Fisheries. At Oceanique Foot A Fish Spa, SlimTherapy The FIRM page Euphoria Fish Spa and Slim Therapy Mombasa at City Mall Nyali

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