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Flexible work schedule

Pls share with me your ideas about the topic by answering the questions below.Thank you.

For Professionals:

1. Protected content is the concept of flexible work schedule in your company?

2. Protected content initiated the implementation of flexible work schedule in your company? What were his or her reasons?

3. Protected content when did you implement the flexible work schedule?

4. Protected content made your company use the flexible work schedule? (i.e. to decrease turnover rate?)

5. Protected content are the goals or results that are current and expectations for using flexible work schedule?

6. Protected content division of your company used the method first and what are the results that made them implement it to the entire unit or company?

7. Protected content does this set-up help the employees? Can you cite some comments from the employees?

8. Protected content is it measured in terms of its efficiency?

9. Protected content often do you measure the effectiveness of the flexible work schedule? Quarterly? Annually? Why?

10. Are you satisfied with the outcome of such implementation? If not, what actions were implemented?

For Academe:

1. Protected content are the reasons behind flexible work schedule implementation?

2. Protected content are the pros and cons of using flexible work schedule? (i.e. cost/benefit analysis)

3. Protected content there only certain industries that can use flexible work schedule? If yes, why?

4. Protected content is it best to implement flexible work schedule method?

5. Protected content are the implications that flexible work schedule is no longer beneficial to use? Or is there such a situation?

6. Protected content are the major target of flexible work schedule in companies, which level and why?

7. Protected content you pro or against flexible work schedule and why?

8. Protected content you think that flexible work schedule is working well in the Philippines? Do you see any room for improvement?

9. Protected content you think flexible work schedule will be a success in Korea? Why or why not?

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