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for believers of God, whats next?


The questions concerning god and religion are always intriguing
Coz just about everyone will have their own take on this subject
Similarly I have my own views and most importantly have confirmed with myself that I am leaning towards YES there is god but NO to religion because I think its man-made
But I have further questions to ask exclusively only for those believers like me
And the question is:
What are we to God?
Is everything fated and are we just puppets?
And if I wanna be a billionaire was I fated to want to be a billionaire or fated to try to become a billionaire or is it an open target for me, that if I worked hard enough then perhaps I can be a billionaire or has the door been closed totally for me or similarly will I become a billionaire without any effort at that direction right from the start??
I am just confused how much effort should I put it for this target lol

Ps: would prefer non-zen or Buddhist or enlightened or anti-materialistic replies plz. Yes I am shallow but at least I will be myself and stand for my true preferences.:)

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