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foreigner price?..crib and contribute??

hello fellow expats...
I have seen everywhere I have traveled that there is invariably a foreigner price...i have to pay extra for the same things that a local is buying...sometimes double or triple the price.
It really irks me that just the fact that I am a forienger entitles me to pay more ... I admit I dont know all the correct pricings for the first 2 months but then I make an effort to find out the right price and simply refuse to pay the extra amount....
But I do know of people who just dont care and do pay the ridiculous amounts asked by the locals..cause its sooo cheap anyway....this obv leads to increased prices..
remember, the next time you complain that - 'whenever they see white skin, they see a walking dollar bill'.....pause and think....maybe we, as expats do have something to contribute to this...
would love to have your experiences and thoughts...

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