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Form a freelance/Self employed company in EU

I was interested in forming a self employment/freelance business in Europe. I am an American citizen, skilled worker with 8 years professional experience in management and IT consulting, including Masters Degree and Project Management Certifications. I also have a number of freelance projects I can work virtually and also have a passion on entrepreneurship.

Many of the countries require a RESIDENT PERMIT/VISA. I can go visit EU with my 3 month tourist visa, but cannot stay there indefinitely.

I am open to any EU country depending on how complex or easy it is to make.

I would appreciate if you could provide your knowledge and information on the following: :
1. # of procedural steps
2. administrative costs
3. Amount of savings/capital needed
4. Ease of going through the process
5. Do I need to be physically in Lithuania to register or if I can do it from the US

Any other pertinent information on the deadlines, process, paperwork and fee's would be appreciated.


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