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I got an e-mail from the HR Director of Transcorp Oil & Gas company based in Ankara, South Africa for the recruitment as a Head Finance in the Finance Department of that company. I saw their website and upon seeing that I was interested moving to South Africa and I filled their online interview form which they sent me upon my confirmation of their email. Two weeks later I received their offer letter in which the salary was quite above my expectations and they had written many perquisites which are given by any multinational company out there and they had one condition mentioned that I need to take the Overseas Employment Clearance from a law firm named NOJOKO Law firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Reading this condition I was quite surprised because the position I was going to fill there it can be fulfilled by many South Africans because they have a good number of manpower available in that country. That rang my bell and I contacted one of my friend based in Durban, South Africa and told him to inquire some more. In the mean time I called that Law firm to inquire some more and upon receiving my call they asked me some basic questions and in the end of the conversation they asked me to pay the amount of $930/- to obtain that OEC (Overseas Employment Clearance) certificate. The very next day I received a call from my South African friend and he said that the Websites of both the Company & the Law firm are completely fake and they are operating from cheap mobile number, it made sense because when I called the company the Director of Human Resource directly picked up the call which is quite bizarre.

Hence I am writing this to alert all the expatriates out there that any one can be lured like this and don't fall in their trap as it is a fraud and they just wanted to pull out the money from the innocent people.

Below are the websites of those fraudsters, anyone can check.
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