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Free market myth what's next ?


As evident as it seems, people still believe in free market enterprises yet how bizzare that the country that preaches freedom and equality for all nationalizes its real estate and banking business.

All we see are oligopolies mixed in with a few niche players. Now contrary to all American dream boys out there the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is among many nations to nationalize its banks ?
An odd phenomena instead of abolishing trusts and hedge funds fresh blood is pumped into the bleeding patient only to prolong its death.

Why is there no free market enterprise ? Why are politicans not reviewing hedge fund managers or freezing assetts of so called trusts that have way much more money on their hands than countries ?

All we see now is the security of CEO golden parachutes paid by the taxpayer and to keep the bleeding patient alive. It is all a show after all, but I really do not understand how people could believe Bankers and Politicians who are mere puppets acting on behalf of trusts and other special interest groups.

Would love to hear your opinions on this one !

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