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From communistic dictatorships to democracies


Hello dear Reader,

This “Radio Free Asia” ( Protected content ) for example, tells somehow the truth, and it is good to know about it, but what is on the other hand, if countries become vulnerable, because there is no knowledge, experience or tradition to protect their countries outside of the means of a dictatorship.

When countries open from a communistic dictatorship, to a free market economy the society and of course the individuals of the former dictatorship are facing a very heterogeneous society structure from the “west”. The ones who are watching only the human rights, others who are caring for the animal rights and people who are coming with huge documents of analysis about “How to destabilize the appropriate region to exploit it and destroy their culture”; all from the “west”. In case of the communistic countries the culture, more or less, was already destroyed…

In case of China or Vietnam e.g. is this more special, because they opened economically and they are still a communistic dictatorship politically. But if we look at the situation in Eastern Europe how barbaric the western countries, resp. some western people and companies tried and try to exploit the people, who are very often still in a traumatic psychological state caused by the dictatorship, and are still working to come along with their lives, is maybe the way of China or Vietnam not too bad, if it will lead to a democracy, one day… Of course it is a dictatorship today, BUT …

It would be really nice, if people from the “west” would take into consideration, that the establishment of the communistic dictatorships beginning with the Soviet one, wasn't a decision, made by the majority of the people, but by a very small minority. It was the dictatorship of a very small minority, so if you think in a way “just another kind of natural selection” when you think on "eastern people" so it isn't really a fair way of thinking, I mean.

If I consider one of the most important issues of a democracy “the vulnerability”, so how fast a country coming from a former dictatorship can open, and establish a “true” democracy, depends also on the people from the “west”. This is not a unidirectional game!!!

Best Wishes,


PS: I know the problem is more complex, but just a few thoughts.

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