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Fulbright to Israel and Fellowships to Ireland...HELP

Dear InterNations Members,

My name is Meaghan Doherty and I'm a 21 year old American student who spent 6 months studying abroad in Paris. I'm currently in my senior year at Fordham University in New York City and I will be applying for a Fulbright to Israel as well as a George Mitchell to go to Ireland and the British Marshall to study in both Northern Ireland as well as London. I'm currently looking for contacts, advice, and names. This is especially important for the Fulbright, where I must secure my own affiliation with a think tank, NGO, research institute, etc. In Israel, I propose to study at Tel Aviv University and live in Tel Aviv. So, if you know anyone from Tel Aviv or if you happen to be from Tel Aviv, your advice is genuinely welcomed and appreciated. For those of you who are Irish, I'm applying for two fellowships in Ireland: one in the Republic and the other in the North. Specifically, I'm looking for NGOs or humanitarian agencies that would welcome an intern for a year or two in both Dubln and Belfast. Please let me know if you have any advice or information.

Thank you so much InterNations community!



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