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Galapagos Islands and The Wildlife

I just came back from a trip and visited the amazing Galapagos Islands. Travelling is my passion and I love nature and wildlife the most. Words cannot express how I really felt after seeing Galapagos Islands where you can see wonderful nature, even stand on top of the volcanic crater and also to see the wildlife up-close. You don’t need to zoom your camera to have a closer look. It was very touchy to see the animals are not afraid of humans, even the birds they don’t fly. It was like breathing a fresh air to see that they don’t feel threatened by humans. They are well protected. How amazing it would be if every place in the world would be like this.

After visiting the Island I even got hooked readng this Wild Travel Magazine from Brit. A man wrote in his article titled “Call of Nature“ are the words that I was looking for to express how I felt. He wrote : You can appreciate wildlife and the need to ensure its welfare, but it seems to really care about an animal comes when you’ve had a close encounter with it“. It was really amazing, although we didn’t get a chance to do scuba diving because of our limited time when we did the snorkling it was almost like diving, we even see white tip sharks up-close, sting rays, manta rays, sea turtles, tortoise, penguins and sea lions that even swim with us, different types of parrot fish and a lot to mention..and they were not just small ones..they were huge.

You have to see for yourself. Go and discover the islands, I really recommend it. You don’t have to just look on the animals but also try to observe their behaviour (if you have time) and you will see and discover something amazing about these animals that may move you.

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