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German is 11 days there camped in Viracopos



"Josiane, I love you and want to live with you in Campinas. The phrase is, according to German Heinz Muller, 46, a declaration of love that I would like to reach the woman for whom he makes Viracopos International Airport his home for the past 11 days. The man who suffers from Parkinson's disease and sleep in the airport chairs arrived in Brazil on the 1st of this month to meet Josiane Alves, a resident of Indaiatuba. "We met online, in March," he says.

According recorded in his laptop, they met on day 3. "The next day we went to eat pizza with her children," said the German. Heinz spent five days in a hotel in Indaiatuba and the rest of the stay in the city in two pension to be sent to the immigration industry in Viracopos by a social worker in 16 days. Josiane was not found by the State, or by e-mail provided by Heinz.

Although officials tell they had talked with Heinz and heard from another version, a fight that took his girlfriend to expel him home, he gets nervous when asked about: "There was no fight. She even gave me $ Protected content last time we met, if I needed. " The last meeting was on 14, according to the German. "After I could no longer get on the internet to talk to her."

Operations manager of the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure (Infraero), Samuel Silva, said he signed up twice to contact the German Consulate and also shelter in Campinas. "The consulate informed me that he needs to want help to be helped. In a shelter, it could be five days. But it does not want," says Silva.

"I do not want to go back to Germany. I want a place to live and be able to find Josiane," said Heinz. The German bears little thing and gets food for everyone who walks through the lobby of the airport.

Infraero also tried to contact Heinz known in Curitiba - he said that between Protected content Protected content spent nine months in Brazil. "I do not want to go nowhere. I'm afraid someone steals my computer." It is through him that Heinz Müller still think to contact Josiane.

In Curitiba, known to the German did not believe when they heard that he had returned to Brazil. He lived in a rented room. According to the owner of the property, Heinz "primed all." According to the woman, he rented the room after breaking up with a couple who was married just a month. "The girl found out he had a wife and children in Mexico and dissolved the marriage," says the woman, who does not want to be identified. The German was described by her as a "loose" and that he drank too much.

The information is the newspaper O Estado de S. Paul.

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