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Getting an 'ed' and succeeding in politics

In society in the UK the opposition party is led by Ed Milliband and his shadow chancellor is called Ed Balls.

If your a student of English or an English speaker you could have a laugh at the opposition's expense.... should jest be satirical?

"The satirist who writes nothing but satire should write..."

Is Ed Milliband making a balls up of political conversation? He appointed as his shadow chancellor Ed Balls and I guess his suggestion has gone a long way hasn't it?

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I wonder if politicians stand more chance if they put an 'ed' before their name, when it certainly can be argued that at least they will have a head start on the opposition.....

"Ed" Schultz might know this as he describes himself as a political pundit on his tv programme, doesn't he?

Ed Byrne was a Canadian politician, so certainly their is an emphasis on using the name isn't there?

In your society are their parallels with politicians?

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