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I write this with the knowledge that it could be news to some of you. That however does not side step the reality on the ground. It is sad, it is terrible and we all must be part of a solution. Let us not take the path that always tend to blame governments. Let us all as ambassadors of what is modern, what is good be part of the solution.

There are girls in developing countries in Africa that do not have access to SANITARY PADS. There are girls in forgotten corners of Africa that are being denied the chance of pleasure in their later years by female circumcision. Yes this is happening. Yes we must and need to be part of lasting solution.

A few months ago I was in Kenya and I managed to visit some rural areas where girls do not know the meaning of Sanitary pads. Some just stay without even during that time of the month. Some use leaves. Some use cotton wool while others are too little informed on choices. But worse still, there are no supplies for them to choose from.

if Women who get to read this can donate just one sanitary pad, we can perhaps have enough stock to last a month. It is possible and I am a believer in better days being so as a result of what you and I can do.

As for female circumcision, we need to create education fora in societies where this is still happening. I believe there are women activists who have handled similar problems and are open to share ideas on how to tackle this menace.

Well, it is the truth, some women are just suffering.

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