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Global Microfinance Leadership Summit...please hel

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well and life is treating you kindly. My dear friends and colleagues I'm writing today to ask you for your assistance and support. As many of you are aware I provide capital and financing solutions to America's businesses i.e. organizations, corporations and entities via my position with TD Banknorth. But this is just one aspect of my professional obligations and responsibilities.

My commitment and focus in life is to help the undeserved become sustainable citizens via microfinancing initiatives. The goal and that of my colleagues of the Global Sustainable Enterprise is to eradicate poverty via one loan at a time. We do not believe in World Aid or its propaganda of long term benefits to a region. We believe and share a simple model “ Teach a man to fish and he will fish for life; give a man fish and he will be full today and hungry tomorrow” So I’m calling on you and asking for your support and assistance with sponsorship to the Global Microfinance Leadership Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Objectives and topics of discussion:
•Explore the roles of domestic, national, global, public and private organizations;
•Analyze the economic growth and self- sufficiency in impoverished areas of the world. With focus on the roles of rural women entrepreneurs;
•Gain a working knowledge of micro financing principals via rural village marketing and applications;
•Develop and implement a business marketing module at the rural village level.
•How can microfinancing initiatives provide financial opportunities for the underserved?
•Sustainable institutions and mechanisms for delivery of financial services.
•Evaluation and analysis of global microfinance partners, banks, NGOs, and other financial institutions.
•Revenue models of microfinance and overview of business planning in micro-finance.
•Web-based resources and publications in microfinance.

All monies raised will go directly towards the expense and support of local Microfinance Centers in rural villages of Nepal.

The goal is Protected content USD. I have included the scheduled itinerary for your review.
All donations are due by July 24, Protected content

Please make checks payable to the Global Sustainable Enterprise in the subject line ref. my name.

Mailing address:
32 Parker St
Lexington, MA Protected content

If you're interested in wiring funds please contact me directly.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance and support.

Respectfully yours,
Janis F. Walker

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