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The International Community Platform* (ICP) aims at increasing the attractiveness of the working and living environment for international talent. In Protected content Protected content in NL participated in the ICP survey on “The perceived Quality of Professional Life in NL”. In Protected content employers of the ICP would like to learn more about this topic. We will extend the survey to other 'expat'-locations in NL and abroad.

Completing this survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.
Data will be treated confidentially and used only for the purpose of this research.
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The ICP team

*In Protected content , international companies & institutions joined forces in the International Community Platform (ICP).* Their aim: create optimal working and living environment for0international talent & their relatives.
ICP articulates your needs as regards quality of life aspects (housing, childcare, education, healthcare, public transport) to enable (local) government and service providers to respond to these.
The ICP Foundation consists of 30 international employers including companies like Shell, AEGON, Schlumberger, the EU institutions (Europol, Eurojust, ESA/Estec), UN tribunals, the international schools and other knowledge institutions (TU-Delft, University Leiden, THIGJ) and more. If you would like to know more about the ICP: check Protected content

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