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Go easy on the expletives


Hey Guys,
So in my travels around the world, one thing I noticed is especially in countries where English is not the common language, people tend to curse a lot when talking in English.

It like "F**k this! F**k man!"... yada yada yada. The sentence construction and grammar maybe completely out of whack, but it is all made up for by use of that single F Bomb.

Yeah I get it, your source of English is the US movies, or viral videos from worldstar. But honestly, we do not use expletives in our day to day conversations back home. It is considered exceedingly impolite and crude if a person uses these words, and some times people will stop talking to you and walk away if you curse.

So please go easy on the F Bombs. I understand you want to sound like John Travolta or Samuel L Jackson, but see they are trying to convey a story spanning several months / maybe years in about an hour and a half. So they have "creative license". You don't.

Also, in many languages many curse words are exceedingly common like Eastern Europeans love to say "B*L**t". Its not so in the US.

US is actually a study in contradictions, for a country which makes the most number of porn movies, it does have a very very conservative puritanical foundation.

So here's to hoping the next time you feel like stressing a point, you can find a word that actually does so, without offending the person listening to you.


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