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Goal : to vanquish worthless habits absolutely.


we are creatures of habit. often this is a good thing.
it is wonderful when we have almost instinctive living skills.
it is wonderful to have automatic social skills and courtesy etc.
but many of us are defeated by something like smoking or drinking to excess.
or even being cyber sex junkies. being even addicted to facebook. (not that this is in essence a bad habit)
some of us tend to always want to drive fast. some are workaholics
some take delight in beating the wife/husband and children. some cant seem to stop abusing their bodies with unhealthy food and drink.
lets brainstorm the best ways by which we can vanquish these bad habits once and for all.
i shall have more to say on this later .but first i want us to hear the views and ideas of our members . please respond . any idea posted here will be well received , i am pretty sure. subject to further discussion. thanks.

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