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Going to a German University as an American?

Hi, I was hoping for some information on attending a university in Germany as a lifelong American citizen. I wasn't able to find a lot of valuable information with a Google search and was hoping someone who has an intimate knowledge of the matter could help me out.

Some additional information about me-- I said Germany because it seems like they are the best choice for accommodating foreign students. I wouldn't be opposed to schools in other countries. My caveats are: the tuition has to be very low (the main reason I am having trouble finding a decent school in the U.S.), and the school has to be willing to accept non-traditional applicants (I went to school in the U.S. for five semesters, dropped out, and have just been working for the past year and a half). Also, I'm not opposed to learning a new language in exchange for low tuition to go back to school, but I would prefer that the school has at least some English language courses.

I realize that this is a very personalized request, but any information would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm still having a bit of trouble navigating this site.

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