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Going to psychiatrists will do patients more harm!


Before i began, i would like to clarify that i am talking about field of psychiatry only and not psychologists and discoveries related to that field.

Basically i would like to share my view that psychiatry does more harm than good and would also provide some reasons for it:

1.people who go for psychiatric help are likely to suffer from some psychological ailments. the problem is many recognised psychological problems have overlapping symptoms
and these are all not visible symptoms which gives rise to questions as to how psychiatrists can actually give a correct diagnosis and just the right dose of those terrible "silencing" drugs that often has extremely horrid side effects like heavy drowsiness, loss of sexual drive, increase in appetite, headaches etc (too much will have a " silencing" effect too and patients may appear "soberized" but in truth a lot of damage has been done to the patient's brain)

2. because it will be very difficult to give a correct diagnosis on diseases not at all visible or testable, patients of psychiatrist may become even more at risk!

since the doctor will have to be free from bias and completely professional and completely SANE and NORMAL! the question is doctors didnt have to provide a degree certificate in normalcy to open a practice!, didnt they?

its very important to note that moods of these doctors will affect their heavy-handedness in prescribing drugs for patients and its even more dangerous as the patients response will vary in plenty of ways thats unlike drugs for physical ailments where responses too will vary but at least will be visible or can be felt immediately.

3.i personally question the effectiveness of prescribing drugs that does so much invisible damage to patients. personally i feel that distribution of these drugs should be controlled in a state level where only criminals or people with criminal records be given such drugs. especially on adhd and autistic kids, so many real life success stories have shown that they are only more demanding in terms of care and patience which special care center can provide if parents cant spare that much time.

to those who may not have encountered anti-depressants, it may be eye-opening to know that where boxes of normal antibiotic medicine will tell you a bunch of side effects you are unlikely to have, in case of antidepressants you will definitely be encountering at least one of those side effects! its that damaging!!

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