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Gordon Brown is blown up by his own petard!


Only yesterday and we heard that Brown & Darling were saving the UK by giving the banks ' God knows how much money'

Last month he bought two banks in as many days Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock.......

Today the facts are out, aren't they you Darlings..... the monumental cock-up of all - Protected content have lost 1 billion pounds on gambling money in Icelandic banks - SHAME SHAME

To my mind it is a total waste of money letting councillors play with council tax isn't it! At last the traffic wardens have been hit!

How is it that the councils have so much money to bank? Let's face it they have been robbing us for years, haven't they?

I think at the very least that all the councils that have lost money - should put themselves on trial for swindling the likes of you and I, don't you?

Gordon Brown's attempt to rescue British banks is risky, flawed and eye-wateringly expensive (Guardian Editorial October Protected content .

We call upon David Cameron to call time on this appalling government.

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