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Granny Mary's Superior British Meals

Hi everyone I own a British Food company called Original Recipes. Recently we have been approached by a company based in Hong Kong called Cheung Woo food supply company to supply a range of superior British Ready meals for the expat market in Hong Kong. In September our first shipment will be leaving the UK to go into Cheung Woo's convenience stores and frozen vending machines. We would love to speak to some expats living out in Hong Kong to see what they think about our meal ideas and what in the future they might like to see out there as we are already sourcing new ideas to be shipped over there. Our meals are at a very high quality and our client is wishing to compete with the likes of Marks and Spencer. My family has been in the food industry since the Protected content and we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. For those of you who will remember it Sutherlands Spreads was a massive company in the Protected content and as the Great Grandson it is my passion to carry on my families legacy and improve upon their already willing formula of great tasting food. If anyone is interested in our meals and would like to enquire please send us a message and we will be happy to talk to you.
Thank you all for your time
William Sutherland

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