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Halloween Customs: Just for Fun

As the credit crunch is making us all a little grumpy, it seems like a good idea to offer some amusement to the IN crew :)

Halloween is coming up and many of us will have been invited to a party, with very specific dress codes.....

I have been lucky enough to be invited to such a party, but the dress code seems a little risky bearing in mind that in London it is currently minus 78 degrees. What is the dress code, I hear you ask? Quite simply, it is 'Skimpy and Scary'.

In order to avoid frostbite and having to attend with a broom and blacked out teeth, I have decided to don bright red lipstick and a black dress and am going as...... The Kiss of Death. One of my friends is going as Sarah Palin and another as Poison Ivy.

How are you going to frighten your neighbours this Halloween?

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