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Has Al Gore helped the world community with his documentary "Inconvenient Truth"?

The fraudulently sidelined US President [2000] Al Gore has done a great service to mankind by raising the global awareness of the global warming realities, but he has equally or perhaps done a greater disservice to the planet by not speaking out against the Nuclear power - proliferation - arms build up that it has allowed to proceed unchecked.

If global warming represents the end of the world with a whimper, then Nuclear War represents the end with a bang! With global warming the present population of 6B may drop to 1B say, but with nuclear war it could mean life on the planet as we know it reduced to zero!

His silence on nuclear power has given the nuclear industry a green light and made our planet more unsafe as the nuclear waste keeps on increasing while no safe way to store it in leak proof containers have yet been imagined, designed and built and tested for the long term longevity -- that is only possible in thousands of years!

We have been in the nuclear age for 63 years and yet have not taken any meaningful steps to retire it! It is either we retire it or it will retire us!

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