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Has NFL sold out?

Has the National Football league sold out to the federal government?
With the ongoing saga of whether players should stand during the playing of the national anthem or face punishment if they demonstrate dissent has become a standing joke (excuse the pun).
The first question to ask is why the anthem is being played at a domestic sporting event in the first place? Why does the anthem need to be played at all? And most importantly what does the military have to do with sport?

It seems that the government has found a way to attach it's political and military agenda to sporting events. When we see the flag being waved, the planes flying over and toy soldiers marching around, it has nothing to do with patriotism. This is about recruitment. The military pays the NFL to advertise its "goods".
How interesting that 70% of the NFL players are black. Just a coincidence that they are being taught a lesson?
Maybe a simple solution to the problem is to not play the anthem at all?

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