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HMS Banker

Gordon Brown buys banks in UK to halt recession, he thinks he'll print money to stave off a recession. His latest venture is to buy preferred shares in Lloyds Bank - somehow I think that this former chancellor has no idea what he is getting himself into.

A while ago my father was swindled by Lloyds Bank, and subsequently wrote a book, "Corruption in the Bank of England' Protected content which is now in the House of Common Library.

My father has written over the years so many letters to Brown, Straw and Darling, who haven't had the decency to reply.

Of course they probably think that my dad, is a raving lunatic?

Oddly my father is an Accountant ACCA, and Management Consultant.

Gordon Brown on the other hand is a dictator, and unqualified when it comes to finances.

What does that tell you exactly?

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