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How can we end or manage extreme poverty and hunger for a better World?

When I posted a topic “Extreme Poverty and Hunger: Its Devastating Effects on Africans” a few months ago on Civicus World Assembly Forum, as an economic analyst and a researcher, I foresaw a horrible situation of starvation and a possible termination of lives, and I called on African Leaders, International bodies and stakeholders to work together and invest hugely inAgriculture as it stands as a lasting solution to the crisis.

Not satisfied with that and admitting that it goes beyond posting thread, I also, as a CEO/Managing Director of an Investment company, extended invitations to global investors and stakeholders for partnership to further explore and exploit abundant agricultural resources in Nigeria for wealth creation, economic growth and development, and most importantly, for providing food at moderate and affordable price to Africans and the world, ensuring peace and advancing humanity.

A few days ago, precisely August 7,2008, The Punch newspaper reported on page 59 that 12 people died of hunger in South Sudan as a result of high food price and inadequate supply. This is pathetic. To grant a point, let us consider Samson’s position.

"While the souring food prices are worldwide, fragile states and vulnerable populations like ours who purchase food daily from an unorganized market face greater risk of starvation and poverty. The food crisis could threaten peace deal if not checked."

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Yes, Samson is right to have established a relationship between food crisis and global peace. Unarguably, Extreme Poverty and Hunger is a threat to Global Peace and Humanity. And you should not forget that a hungry man is an angry man and an instrument of destruction. Knowing fully that the crisis goes beyond posting thread, I am willing to work with people and organisations to manage, if not end, extreme poverty and hunger for a better world. If you know someone or organisations who are ready to work with me, kindly inform me. You can also join the race; this is one of the ways you can contribute to a just and peaceful World. Don’t you think so?

At this junction, I have million of questions hovering in my mind. But I will only ask one. The question is how can we end extreme poverty and hunger, advance humanity and ensure a peaceful world? Or how can we effectively manage extreme poverty and hunger for a better world?

Don’t you think that encouraging and investing hugely in Agriculture is an answer and a possible solution? Or how do you think we can manage effectively, if not end, extreme poverty and hunger for a better world?

Azeez Olawale-Arish Yusuff

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