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How can we ensure a peaceful world?


From the poverty-stricken East Africa to Oil-rich Middle-East, and from an industrialized Asia to the almighty North America, there is hardly a time in the history of Mankind without bloodshed, a conflict, an earthquake, a war, a tsunami, a terrorist attack or one form of crisis and the other. We experience and encounter one kind of trouble or the other everyday. Although it is not clear to us when the whole world we experience peace or be at rest, it is clear to us that we are the cause of this imbalance. We tend to divide ourselves in different dimensions using different yardsticks. The most commonly used yardsticks are race, religion, color, origin, just to mention a few.

If you ask me when the world would experience peace, my answer is when we start to see ourselves as one, respect human rights and values and live in peace, the world we experience peace. Do you agree with me?What is your opinion?

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