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How do you get rid of a Dictator?

I'm talking about the President of Egypt, for those who don't know this guy (Mubarak) has been in power since Protected content . The country has been under martial law since he took over when the last president was assassinated; this means no one has any rights and the rights/laws the constitution grants are all suspended.

Just until the last election, the ballot used to have only one name and you voted either yes or no. Under pressure to reform from the U.S. the Egyptian government allowed more than one candidate, however they accused the most popular candidate of forging signatures to add his name on the ballot, they arrested him and he spent a few years in jail. The president has set up his son to take over and this is supposed to be a democracy. The people just have had enough of this guy, but no one dares say or do anything because they know they would be arrested, put in jail and tortured. Meanwhile, there is widespread corruption, a rapidly growing population, high unemployment rate, poor wages, etc....All this and he is one of the richest man in the world.

What's the solution?

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