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How #IBM lost my respect

...and how Softlayer became Softliar

About few months ago I closed a few years' long project - the online media "" meant to communicate the latest news and the overall story of the Genocide of the Turks over the Armenian nation.

However, as it appeared my project leads an unwanted afterlife, which also can only harm and tarnish the memory of all the slaughtered Armenians for which the website has been created: A malicious unknown client of the IBM company 'Softlayer', decided to mis-use and abuse the content from the owned by me website - they copied the main parts of the website hosted and owned by me, including the design and all the main pages - much of this stolen content means also abuse of all the contributing to it writers!

But that's not all: the client of Softlayer (or rather Softliar as they should be called) decided to put a promotion to PORNOGRAPHIC content on the STOLEN HOMEPAGE.

By the time you are reading this, you can imagine my first, second and third reactions: sadness, frustration and last but not least desire to get this right.

All of these however were totally ignored by Softlayer: they decided that after more than 6 mails with full explanations of the case, they will let the content stay as it is and allow IBM to promote pornographic content on a website dedicated to the recognition of the mass-killings of Armenians carried out during W.W.I between the years Protected content 1918.Their response - semi-human, semi-bot lawyer alike e-mails ending with this message:

"We are unable to accept elements of this complaint peacemeal; [same bla bla] If needed, please contact your legal counsel."

As you imagine my fourth and frankly most unexpected reaction was: disappointment. Disappointment from a company I have respected for so long for their work and innovative approach.

So tell me IBM, should I keep on respecting you for allowing a company part of your corporate identity to allow the misuse and abuse of stolen content for the purpose of promotion of pornography?

Thank you, good folks for re-sharing this post everywhere you can and showing that big corporations cannot just do whatever they want with your content. Because integrity is not something you owe, it's something you prove every day.

RT Please: @IBM @Softlayer stop promoting PORNOGRAPHY through STOLEN & abused CONTENT! PPL are not companies & not all have lawyers #FAIL #IBMletmedown

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