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How to be a Global Grandparent

I am co-author of a book that is being published in January Protected content it is possible that it may be of interest, and possibly, use to many of our members and their families.

The book is entitled "How to be a Global Grandparent" and is intended to be of help to those grandparents who have children and grandchildren living in another country far from home (although the principles apply to those living across a city or in a different region of the UK).

As a former expat, now residing in the UK, I have co-written the book with a global grandparent who has 20 years experience of living far away from his adored grandchildren. We have discovered that finding oneself with family living far away presents many new and unforeseen problems, particularly when it comes to keeping the family ties together when separated from children who are growing up in a new and unfamiliar culture.

We have received input from families located all over the world and incorporated findings from a study carried out by the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The experiences and suggestions from such families are both useful and interesting, particularly when it comes to the culture shock and language problems that can arise.

There is also a great deal of emphasis made on the latest means of communication that the electronic revolution has provided. The content for this section is based on the long-distance lessons taught to my father, as he sought to use the latest technology to keep in touch with his grandson whilst we lived overseas as a family.

There is, of course, an upside to this topic and in particular we discovered that many grandparents have found themselves with an opportunity to visit and experience places they would never have otherwise seen.

The book already is featured on Amazon for pre-sales.

If you think this is a topic that will interest your contacts, please spread the word - our aim is to ensure that family relationships don't suffer due to living far apart. Thank you.

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