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How to deal with racist professor ?!


My university professor seems to be ... a racist !!
She doesn't like anyone who is not from Europe.
During the seminars or lectures she always use the words such as "blacks" , "non-european barbarians", she almost identifies muslims with terrorists and every single lecture mentions about these issues.
One day, she even claimed that, non-europeans must get out of europe, or its better for them to clean our toilets, than to be policians or something like that. She always speak how she is proud of being european, and she would never want to travel to another continents.
Being "non-european" as she like, to mention, I always feel stressed and angry, but she simply doesnt care about that.
Once, I told her that, her behaviour really bothers me and it kills my motivation to study. So, next semester I have her another discipline. I dont know what to do !! If she will get too much far where should I go and complain ? Is this possible in Riga ?
I feel really lost and totally dissappointed ...

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