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First, the world must unite as a united in defense of Nazism.
And apply the same strategy as it has been applied in the war against the Nazis in WW2.
So first all the Muslim population in non-Muslim countries to put into isolation, as were the Germans and the Japanese during WW2, the USA, UK and other countries.
Then all states in borders that touches Isil and countries that openly support Islamic radicalism and terrorism surround and move in concentrate attack, assisted countries which are not in direct contact, even with other continents. It must be war to extinction ideas about the dominance of Islam on the planet.
Otherwise we will have a war on the planet next 30 or 50 years with tens of millions of human deaths.
For many this will sound radically as it is initially sounded the call to battle against Nazism, but the only solution for bringing peace to the planet again.
Separate anti-terrorist actions around the world have not yielded results should therefore strat comprehensive worldwide campaign against Islamic radicalism and terrorism.

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