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how to find out how much ($$) you should be making?


I know most of the people hate to speak about their personal situations, meaning how much they make.

Well here is the thing, I feel completely underpaid with the company I work for, I have tried to deal with them, and I haven´t got any results, they used the "culture" as a pretext.

So I´m seriously considering to look for a new job. But I would like to have an idea about salaries/(monthly netto) in places like:
- Vienna
- England in general,
- Ireland
- Australia
- Holland
- Japan
and since I find myself right now in Abu Dhabi, salaries for expats in the UAE.

Why I´m asking this? my work colleagues don´t speak about, and the work colleagues back in Austria, they just don´t care about their salaries (and they are bad). And the truth is, I don´t want to spend 30 years or more of my life just to be able to pay a rubish house. It can sound arrogant, but lets say I´ve always aimed for a high profile lifestyle. "Sky is the limit", right?

I´ve invested quite a large amount of money, time, and effort in my education, and I hoped that at some point I´d recover my invesment, and after that probably earning enough to have no worries, while still being young. To be sincere right now I feel I´m going nowhere...

Would anyone like tho share their points of view, country-salary-expenses experiences?

If you don´t wanna share your experiencies publicily pm me.

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