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How to mend a broken heart?


.. listened to an interesting confession this evening. A British friend of mine, Veronica, met a German guy on a Eurostar trip from London to Paris. They sat next to each other and had a "delightful chatter" (in her own words) during the trip. The two of 'em exchanged numbers in Paris (her final destination; while he got on another train to Munich) & texted each other "madly" for about 3 months, while planning to meet in the Bavarian Alps over the summer. Amazing story so far, right?! Well, now listen to this - a couple of evenings back, out of the blue, the guy texted her calling everything off based on a misinterpretation of something she allegedly said (she speaks no German while his English was apparently not very clear at times.. ). Shock and horror followed when she tried to text him back to explain her words - the guy blocked her number and, just like that, disappeared from her life. She's in pieces, not only because of the abrupt way things ended, but because she never got a chance to explain herself, nor thank him for a beautiful & quite unique experience (even if short-lived). I'm lost for words when it comes to advising people on heart-related matters, but since it's an international story, I was wondering what you guys make of this ..

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