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How To: Start a Career In China

I've found this interesting blog about about expat life in China, and especially one post in particular caught my interest. "How to Start a Career in China" Protected content

Having gone through some of the things my self I immediately recognized some of the problems. I did my master degree at a university in Shanghai and searched for an entry level position in China, preferably Shanghai.

Language being one, indeed my friends or class mates who spoke at least middle level Chinese where much more likely to find a job in China right after graduation.

But one factor this blog post did not touch upon is commitment. China is not for everybody, and the the companies here know that. If you can show some form of commitment to stay in China in a longer time period, this will be a great advantage for you.

Another great way to start your career in China can be through an internship. Several people I know, me included, started as interns and where then offered full time positions.

This all was taken into account when the company I work for developed internship+language study programs in China. So it will be easier to start a career in China's most dynamic city, Shanghai.

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