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I am looking - have You found it?


Hi, guys! This is more a society issue than politics. It's actually me reaching out to You, Global Minds, for any answers or ideas, but I'm curious if there is anyone else having the same situation. If there are at least a few of us, then it's a society thing. If there aren't, tell me to move this to the Small Talk Forum. :)

Have You ever been in the situation of not knowing what to work? Of not having that clear calling?

Nine years ago, I have finished high school, then I went to University, English-Hebrew profile but quit after a few months. I've been working as a secretary and a sales person since. What I've liked about my work was that I could be nice and helpful to people - both my bosses and my customers. I'm a perfectionist and invest a lot of time in doing things the best way I can. However, I couldn't make a living out if, at least not in my hometown.

My life has undergone some major changes in the past couple of months and here I am, age 28, starting things fresh. The issue is, I have no idea (and have never had) what to do - what job to look for. Should I go back to university? I couldn't find any profile that appeals to me. Or should just find a job abroad? Is there any chance for that with some English knowledge and experience as a secretary and the willingness to learn and be kind and honest?

Have You ever thought of this? Have You find your answers?

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