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"I'd love to go to another country, but...."

"I'd love to go to another country, but..." I have heard that line over and over. Reasons for why the person cannot travel or move out of the U.S. are various: from "I don't have the money," to "I have to wait until I retire," or "If I was younger.." Only ONE friend has said to me, "I have absolutely no desire to go to another country." I think the people with excuses and reasons why they cannot do something they feign having an interest in doing just don't really want to do it deep down. Perhaps it is really fear that prevents them for exploring the world.
Six weeks from today I will leave behind a tenured position, a beautiful cabin in the woods, dear friends and colleagues, elderly relatives, and my beloved old cat to follow my dreams of adventure. I've given away most of my household belongings, sold my studio equipment and car, and said good-bye to my known reality. I leave with light suitcase and heart.
Does anyone have similar experiences?

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